Fixing Muscles Up with Origin/Insertion
I was right back at it this week with a full schedule in the office after taking a week off with my family last week in Deep Creek Lake!
One of my patients this week was up for helping me demo yet another technique that I use here in the office that falls under the category of muscle therapy.
The technique, which facilitates aka "turns on" a muscle when it has become inhibited or "shut off", is ORIGIN/INSERTION Technique.
Origin/Insertion technique is THE original technique that actually founded Applied Kinesiology in 1964. What our founder Dr. Goodheart discovered was that little micro-tears at the tendon of a muscle, where it lays down on the bone, can actually weaken a muscle. Theses tears usually occur when we injure the muscle from trauma or gradual, repetitive strain.
If I suspect there has been a muscle injury with any of my patients, I use muscle testing to determine which exact muscle is inhibited, and if so if micro-avulsions at the origin and insertion of the muscle is indeed to blame.
If so, we fix! With Origin/Insertion technique. Simply put, the origin is the starting point of the muscle while the Insertion is the end point. The treatment is easy-peezy. I rub in hard, heavy, perpendicular pressure over the site for 30-60 seconds. I usually explain to my patient that this is totally different from massage. This is a specific muscle activation technique that facilitates weakened muscles.
Afterwards, we muscle test again to see if we treated it enough. If not, more rubbing (which is often tender, and if you are a patient-you know this!) until it's fixed.
I am still amazed at what drastic results I have gotten for years with such a simple technique. I have patients who have had ankle sprains or back strains etc. that are years old from which the pain has never resolved just simply go away because the muscle was FINALLY treated for the true cause of weakness. All of a sudden, the pain generator is gone.
It really is a tried and true, old standby for resolving injury and muscle weakness.
After we treat with Origin/Insertion technique, I usually perform some adjustments to "lock it in" via the nervous system as I like to say.
It's been a wonderful, busy first week back after vacation. I am refreshed and excited to be back in the office and sharing what I do.
Have a wonderful holiday weekend!
Treating the origin of the rectus femoris (quad) muscle
Treating the insertion of the rectus femoris (quad) muscle