Fit but Unhealthy- How to do Cardio Right

It was aerobic day at the gym today for this doc! Most people are aerobically deficient. True aerobic #exercise is sustained activity in a specific heart rate zone and results in burning fat and not sugar, also helping stabilize blood sugar levels. I use Dr. Phil Maffetone's formula of 180-age-10 for aerobic heart rate zone. While this formula is a bit lower than the standard 220-age, I believe it is more accurate and beneficial. Dr. Maffetone has found that while standard heart rate formulas reflect chronological age, the 180-age-10 formula reflects physiological age. He also studied research that found that while athletes were becoming conditioned with the 220-age method, they also were suffering injury and breakdown of the body. The 180-age-10 method will condition the body, while sparing you from body breakdown. While the pace may seem slow at first, the goal is to work towards higher intensity while maintaining your heart rate zone. I think you will find that this heart rate formula leaves you feeling well and energized after your run, rather than burned out! If you are feeling rotten after a you've pushed it too hard. Aerobic training is important not only for our cardiovascular health, but for blood sugar balance, adrenal health, emotional#health, and much more. So get on it! And enjoy