First Time Chiropractic Kinesiology Visit
My patient Jawaad was kind enough to share his very FIRST chiropractic kinesiology experience with us all!
I have been treating many of Jawaad's family members, and one of them finally brought 16 year old Jawaad in last week. A big thanks to patient Heather for bringing him in.
Even though Jawaad has no major pains or health complaints, he still came in for a proper chiropractic tune up. Just as we see our MD or dentist yearly, for example, we should receive regular holistic chiropractic care to ensure that our body and particularly nervous system is functioning at its optimal, and to aid in preventing the occurrence of any major injuries or health problems.
His session included chiropractic adjustments, muscle testing and muscle therapy, organ system work, mind-body techniques, nutritional sensitivity testing, and more.
I look forward to seeing Jawaad again in the future for another tune up. A big thanks again to my awesome patients Jawaad and Heather!