Examining and Adjusting the Feet for All of my Patients

Today, Sunday, I spent the day learning all about the feet, the foot muscles, and foot adjusting from Dr. Robert Ciprian at the Applied Kinesiology Session 4 Seminar! This is my fourth time taking the Applied Kinesiology certification course.

The feet are super important to overall health. Misalignments or imbalances in the feet can contribute to or cause a multitude of symptoms in the body, from foot pain to knee and hip issues to headaches to jaw problems-you name it. 

The feet are covered in reflex points, and many of the acupuncture meridians begin or end at the feet, also making it imperative that they be in good shape so that this energy can move through the feet.

Because of this, it is so important to include the feet in every one of my patient's treatments. I have learned how to muscle test all of the muscles that attach into, support, and/or relate to the foot and ankle. Oftentimes, if any of these muscles test weak, there are bones in the foot that need to be realigned with a chiropractic adjustment. Yes- chiropractors adjust feet too!

When the bones of the foot are properly adjusted and mobile, the increased joint movement and function of the foot stimulates reflex points on the feet naturally! The muscles of the feet will also strengthen.

With AK, I can address most any foot issue, including plantar fasciitis, sprained ankles (by the way, don't wait to get a sprained ankle treated, see your chiropractic kinesiologist as soon as possible after a sprain!), bunions, and more.

Including foot examination and treatment in my patient's care can make a world of difference, and I was happy to spend the day covering this important topic!