Everything is Connected!
September 11, 2015
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This infographic shows exactly why it is so important to check the entire spine and skeletal system for misalignments no matter what the problem or symptom!

Sometimes patients ask me why, for example, I have to adjust their upper neck, when it's their lower back that is hurting. The answer you can see in this picture below. Every vertebrae and bone in the body has a "brother bone", also called a Lovett. If we fix one, but not the other brother bone, oftentimes the problem or pain will come right back. One can throw the other off.

I say often, "Everything is related, everything is connected!" This is so true. To practice holistic healthcare means to look at the entire picture of the patient. There are bones in the foot that relate to muscles in the shoulder. You could have a foot misalignment causing a shoulder problem, or vice versa!

Have an open mind when working on a health issue, and try to see how everything is connected, though it may not appear to have a direct correlation. Whenever I am treating any of my patients, I am always looking and thinking "whole body". I don't want to miss any contributing factors to the problem at hand.

Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend everyone!