Everything in the Spine is Connected! Here's One Reason Why: Dura Mater

One of my most common phrases in the office is "Everything is connected!" I really try to educate my patients on how every part of the body is connected to the rest. Literally, a misalignment in the lower back can cause neck pain and headaches, and vice versa, a misaligned vertebra in the neck can cause pain elsewhere in the body.

What is one of the ways in which these connections occur? The Dura Mater.

The dura mater is a membrane, that surrounds and protects the spinal cord. The dura mater attaches firmly into the base of the skull and upper three neck vertebra and then loosely down the rest of the spine until it again attaches firmly into the sacrum (pelvis) and tailbone. When one of the bones, particularly at the firm attachment sites, misaligns, it creates tension and torque on the entire spinal cord and subsequently the spine, causing other misalignments and dysfunctions elsewhere.

We call this phenomenon Dural Torque. We can check for it various ways in the office, including leg length difference, leg turn and range of motion difference tests, general muscle testing, and more.

This is why it is important to check the entire structure of the body, no matter what the patient comes into the office for. Everything is so connected, literally a problem in the neck can cause a low back problem, or a problem in the foot can cause a shoulder problem! 

Thanks for reading and thanks for another great week in the office!