Election 2020
November 06, 2020
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Hi all!
It’s Election Day in the US, it’s 7:30pm, and I just finished working a very long day full of patients.
I know there is anxiety being experienced by many people all around, and I saw it first hand in my office today as I held space for many of my patients anxiety. I, also, am experiencing some anxiety.
I just wanted to share that nothing could’ve made me happier today than being in my office, muscle testing, adjusting, and doing what I do for you all. I am so grateful to have a job which ultimately serves to make people feel better, period. I believe it’s most important in times like these. Again, another reason I’ve never closed my practice during the pandemic. I also feel better after a full work day comforting and treating people!
I hope I have helped you all throughout this election season, and that you’ve found peace and healing at our office.
I’ll always be here in the office, to have your back, no matter what’s going on in the world.
Your Chiropractor