Dr. Amanda's Holiday Survival Guide: Special 2020 Edition
Holiday Season 2020 is here, and this year I felt a total need to share my top "survival tips" with you all.
While the holiday season is often a source of much joy (just check out our over-the-top office Christmas decor this year as I was determined to make the office a seasonally cheerful place), for many, this year in particular, it can be at times not-so-cheerful....
This may be due to personal loss, family stress, financial strain, an overwhelming to-do list, loneliness, etc. Even if your holidays are happy as can be, the excitement itself is what we call a eustress- a type of stress which is beneficial yet still considered a stress. Whatever this holiday season is for you, here are my personal top 4 tips for having a healthy, supported holiday season:
Okay, I am obsessed with my weighted blanket. I pulled it out of its trunk the other day and immediately questioned why I didn't pull it out sooner. Weighted blankets are incredible at relieving anxiety, depression, restlessness, and insomnia. The weight of the blanket replicates a hug, stimulating our bodies pressure points and calming our bodies nervous system. The pressure also causes the release of serotonin and melatonin from our brain. You can see mine in blue in the photo below. Weights vary, mine is 12lb.
I am going to recommend 2 and only 2 supplements to take this holiday season- a digestive enzyme and a natural calmative. The digestive is for your terrible but so enjoyable holiday diet. The natural calmative is to calm our stressed out selves. My favorite digestive enzyme product is Zypan by and my favorite calmatives are Orchex or Min-Chex by SP as well.
Spurred by COVID, I bought an essential oil diffuser for the office and my home this year. I have been diffusing Thieves, which is antimicrobial, into the space. Thieves are great for its pathogen-killing effects. Some others that are good for their stress-relieving effects are lavender, lemongrass, cedar wood, and frankincense.
It might be a journal, or it may be meditation, prayer, art, walking, etc. but do something, anything, to process emotions. Emotions are our inner guides and when we pay attention to them, we can grow and navigate our lives better. When we ignore them or put them by the wayside, we often don't feel the true authenticity of our feelings and/or experience emotional overwhelm. Unprocessed emotions manifest in unhealthy ways. I practice freestyle journaling and affirmative journaling. On average, I only spend about 5-10 minutes per journal session. It doesn't take a lot!