Dr. Amanda on Why We Must Getaway to The Great Outdoors!
Today was my first day back in the office with patients after a two day nature getaway in Shenandoah National Park!
I am a firm believer in the healing powers of nature, and find it increasingly important in today's world for everyone to spend time in nature.
A few of the known benefits of spending time in nature are a reduction in anger, stress, and anxiety, increased vitality, reduction in blood pressure and heart rate, more relaxed muscles, increased focus and attention, higher pain tolerance, quicker injury or surgery recovery time, stronger immune system function, and more.
Another important reason to spend time in nature more these days is to allow our body's natural electromagnetic system to reset. We are exposed to many electromagnetic frequencies including electricity, wireless technologies, radio communications, microwave ovens, UV lights, computers, and more technology that cause an overexposure of electromagnetic radiation.
Much like we can shock a dead heart into beating again, our bodies run on their own electromagnetic system. Our bodies live in harmony with the earth's natural electromagnetic fields as well, and we have evolved to do so. Man-made electromagnetic frequencies, however, interfere with the natural field of our body, and can lead to damage on a cellular level.
When we spend time in nature, ideally away from man-made EMF's, we offer our body the opportunity to reset its own electromagnetic field and balance its ionic system. We can actually draw on the electromagnetic frequency of the earth as well.
When I spent two days in Shenandoah National Park, I stayed in a tiny home that was not equipped with any WiFi ( on purpose, and I highly recommend