Dr. Amanda Attends DC Premier of Magic Pills: Homeopathy, Promise or Placebo?
Last week, I attended the DC film premier of Magic Pills: Homeopathy, Promise or Placebo?, a film by homeopath, filmmaker, writer, and health choice advocator Ananda More. The event was hosted by Americans for Homeopathy Choice as part of the April 8-10th event Homeopathy on the Hill, an event during which individuals informed members of Congress on the benefits of homeopathy and protecting the right of Americans to choose homeopathy, and to raise public awareness on homeopathy.
As many of you know, I utilize homeopathic medicine personally and in my office with my patients as well. I am an advocate for homeopathic medicine.
Homeopathic medicine is one of the most widely used alternative medicines in the world, yet despite its safety, effectiveness, and popularity, it has come under scrutiny and criticism. Behind this is bias and assumptions, refusal of medical journals to publish studies supporting homeopathy, and attack on homeopathy by big business and umbrella organizations.
Ananda More's documentary revealed new scientific discoveries and real-world successes to challenge these biases and attacks.
I have to say, the film exceeded my expectations. These real world successes included the use of homeopathic medicine in Africa to help thousands of HIV/AIDS patients, to Cuba, where homeopathic medicine stopped an epidemic in just weeks, to people who are successfully treating brain tumors, cancer, and other diseases with homeopathic medicine.
In this film, homeopathic medicine was not seen in opposition to allopathic medicine, but rather was often used in conjunction as a synergistic approach. Medical doctors worked with homeopathic doctors to obtain the best possible outcomes for their patients. Both forms of medicine were seen as legally recognized and valued. I would love to see more of this.
I myself have seen homeopathic remedies work wonders, and I know many of my patients and fellow colleagues have as well. Please comment below if you feel moved to do so if you have had a success or know of one with homeopathic medicine!
I highly recommend this film to anyone seeking to learn more about this amazing, hundreds of years old form of medicine.