Digital Detox with Me!
January 23, 2021
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It’s time! Tomorrow, Sunday January 24th, I’ll be doing a digital detox for the entire day. For me, this means no checking emails, no doing work on my laptop (in fact, no work at all), no TV, and no opening of any social media apps.  And I want you all to join me! 

Since this is a digital detox in the time of COVID, I will share that I am going to attend my virtual Unity church service, but I would be attending that in person in normal times, so I don’t categorize this as something I need to cut out during a digital detox. 

As mentioned in this article, a digital detox is meant to serve as a full break from the screen time that causes us to mindlessly stare, compare, binge, or work, ramps up our sympathetic nervous system, and causes us to stress.  I think we’ve all experienced this, lately especially! 

I’ve noticed over the past couple of years particularly that my patients are experiencing high levels of stress connected to screens in the form of TV, news, social media etc. While we need to stay informed, I believe there is a balance that needs to be struck as well as self-care techniques to manage this screen stress that is spiraling out of control.  A digital detox is one way to accomplish this. AKA...give yourself a break!

Disconnecting for the day is meant to give us the time and space to tune back in to ourselves, process our thoughts and emotions in a healthy way, consciously live, and enjoy everything else in life that doesn’t exist on a screen.  This allows us to become more clear, inspired, happy and productive. 

I’m asking my patients to join me in this challenge, either tomorrow, or on a day of your choice. Trust me, y’all need it (and so do I)! 

Digital detoxes can obviously last more than a day (even better) but one full day is a great place to start. 

If you plan on doing a digital detox, comment below with the day you plan on doing it, and even what exactly you plan to cut out. We can all hold each other accountable and celebrate this incredible act of self-care and health-care!