December's Book of the Month is All About ASMR
It's time for December's book of the month! This was a very interesting and different book that I am glad I picked up in the year 2020!
I stumbled upon ASMR, Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, this year after personally experiencing it, but at first not knowing what it was. I discovered videos on YouTube that involved pleasant scenes such as coffeeshops, cabins, beaches, and more along with the sounds that usually associate those scenes. Pretty soon, I was playing the videos every morning or night before bed. I noticed that the captions often contained ASMR in them.
So I delved into researching ASMR and discovered this book. I learned that ASMR is the sensation that we feel from seeing or hearing certain things, often due to positive effects on our brain and nervous system. The sensation is often described as body tingles, which are often felt on the head or limbs, mind-tingles, which are experienced more in the mind and emotions, or simply a total relaxation response. ASMR can greatly reduce anxiety, depression, insomnia, and even panic attacks.
ASMR is an alternative to meditation, yet often produces a similar response as meditation would.
ASMR "Triggers" as they are called, include:
*Listening to a soothing, whispering voice where words cannot made out
*Listening to sounds (rainstorms, fireplaces, and waves crashing are common but air conditioners, snoring dogs or cats, pouring coffee, writing on paper, and other unique sounds are used too)
*Seeing a pleasant scene (for me it's often a coffeeshop, cabin with crackling fire, or cozy room)
*Things that evoke happy childhood memories (I often put on videos of old games that I used to play as a kid)
*Physical sensations like brushing hair and light scratching or tickling on the skin
If you want to dabble in some ASMR, my absolute favorite resource are the videos on the YouTube channel Calmed by Nature. They just released a Home Alone themed video that is pretty cool. Especially for those of you who have difficulty simply sitting still and meditating, this may be a good alternative. Try it out!