DCs for MS: MS Patient Finds Relief with Chiropractic Care

Today I was back in the office for a Saturday work day, and I started my day with the awesome Erin, a special case for me. 

Erin had never seen a chiropractor before coming to me, but heard that chiropractic could possibly help with Multiple Sclerosis, which she was diagnosed with 8 years ago. She began experiencing significant symptoms of MS about 6 years ago, including paresthesia (numbness, tingling, "falling asleep" sensation or hot/cold sensation, etc.) in extremities, and brain fog and lowered cognition. 

Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disease of the brain and nervous system. Specifically, the body attacks and inflames the sheath surrounding the nerves and spinal cord.

With Erin, we have done a lot of work to support her spinal health, brain and nervous system function, immune system function (since MS is an autoimmune condition involving the immune system), her gastrointestinal system, her detoxification system, her diet and lifestyle, and her mental/emotional well-being, all to aid in decreasing her symptoms, preventing further lesions or flares of MS, and aid in optimizing her overall health.

Every visit with Erin is different! I assess and then direct my treatment to whatever Erin's body reveals to me. Through history and muscle testing today for example, we determined that Erin's spleen (a major immune system organ and blood filterer) needed support. We performed some adjustments, worked some spleen reflex points, and more. Adjustments alone work wonders for people with autoimmune disease and neurological disease as chiropractic adjustments have been shown to up-regulate the nervous system and improve immune system modulation. We performed some neurological testing including muscle testing Erin in various eye positions to see how her brain and nervous system were working. We call this "Neurologic Disorganization" when someone exhibits neuromuscular weakness with the eyes held in a certain position, as it can indicate decreased and "confused" brain and nervous system signaling. I also identified an emotional stressor that was weakening her through muscle testing. We used pelvic blocking to increase cerebrospinal fluid flow and reduce spinal cord tension. At the end of our visit, we tested Erin's current dietary inflammatory triggers (which can change from visit to visit), so that Erin knows what to work on avoiding. And I know that I am leaving a few things out!

In short, through a proper assessment and employment of the many holistic health techniques we use here, including chiropractic manipulation, reflex point work, muscle therapy, cranio-sacral, mind-body techniques, and more, we can greatly help someone like Erin! Erin has made regular holistic chiropractic care a part of her life for 2 years now. We always have a great time in the office together, working towards Erin's optimal health and having some great conversation while we're at it! Thanks Erin for sharing your story with us!