Cool Technique: Rib Cage Torque
My patient Raymond has been coming in for help with a very common condition that I see, a hiatal hernia and associated acid reflux, which he experiences primarily as a burning sensation in his esophagus and throat.
There is one technique I learned from my Total Body Modification courses that has been invaluable in allowing me to help patients with these and other similar symptoms including heart palpitations, chest pain, breathing difficulties, eating difficulties, and more.
This technique is called Rib Cage Torque, and yes, it literally is to assess and treat an actual torquing, or twisting, of the entire rib cage.
First, I use my palpation (feeling) and visual skills to identify distortion of the total ribcage. I often see that one side of the lower edge of the ribcage is higher than the other, and sometimes elevated or flared as well.
I perform a rotary style adjustment opposite the torque pattern to correct the torquing. It's a powerful adjustment but not painful. I then treat the diaphragm muscle underneath of the ribcage, which often spasms and causes a constriction of the hiatal (upper) area of the stomach. I use the activator on the diaphragm muscle to "shock" it into activation as well and get it functioning properly. Finally, I often adjust at the level of the daiphragm, T10, or oftentimes ribs that have become misaligned as a result of the previous rib cage torque. I also check the upper neck area as it correlates strongly to hiatal hernia issues.
I am so grateful for this technique which has allowed me to help so many patients with serious symptoms affecting their daily lives. Some patients have even been unable to eat a proper meal due to the constriction in the stomach area, but after this fix, are able to eat well again. This is a huge deal and such an improvement in quality of life.
Loving the work we are doing here in the office this year! And many thanks to Raymond for working with me!