Chiropractic Kinesiology Solutions to Seasonal Allergies

I've been very impressed recently with the success my patients and I have had in managing this spring's difficult allergy season! This allergy season was a rough one, and I am excited to say it seems to be one of the most successful we've had in treating allergies naturally here in the office.

If you check out the short article below, the author mentions the many negative side effects of allergy medications. Providing patient's with holistic treatment and natural remedies to address their allergies has resulted in many of my patients throwing out their medications entirely, or at least reducing their usage of them, both of which are excellent. 

From a holistic healthcare perspective, allergies are caused by a number of factors. In short, allergies are a result of the nervous system overreacting to things (environmental or food) that it should not be. Allergies are also highly related to poor adrenal, liver, stomach, and immune system function. Lastly, allergies occur when the body has a poor anti-inflammatory response, so anything that contributes to inflammation in the body, particularly a poor diet high in allergenic foods like wheat, dairy, corn, and soy, high sugar intake, lack of hydration, chemical exposure, and more, will drastically increase allergy symptoms.

So how do we address allergies holistically? Firstly, holistic chiropractic treatments alone can significantly alleviate allergy symptoms. Because chiropractic is calming to the nervous system (boosts parasympathetic- the rest and digest- part of the nervous system), treatments help to calm nervous system overactivity. Chiropractic adjustments also boost the immune system, allowing it to identify and attack what should be attacked, and not what shouldn't be (pollen, grass, dust, etc). I check organ and gland function on every patient at every visit with various tests, including the adrenal glands, liver, stomach, and more. If any organ insufficiency is found, we will address this both during treatment and possibly with supplement support. I also use muscle testing at each visit to determine food sensitivities that are present, so that the patient can then know what to avoid to lessen their inflammatory load and better support their body.

Lastly, I have been super impressed with Standard Process Inc. allergy support supplements. Many of my patients this season threw out their meds altogether after beginning some of Standard Process' products, including Antronex and Allerplex. Antronex is a natural histamine blotter. Unlike allergy medications, it doesn't force the body to stop producing histamine, but rather it soaks up excess histamine from the bloodstream and aids in transporting it out to the body. This means that we can work on building a healthy immune system response in the body without interference from a drug, while the natural supplement products can offer symptomatic relief and aid in boosting liver and immune system function.

No matter how long you've suffered from allergies, it is not normal to have an excessive allergy response. There is a way to address allergies and treat the root cause! Wouldn't you like to listen to what your body is trying to tell you, and fix the root cause? 

A big thanks to all of my patients who I worked with this season to address their allergy issues holistically! Again I am still just blown away at the power of holistic healthcare.