Chiropractic History Moment: 1980 Winter Olympics
In 1980, the first ever chiropractor served on the US Olympic Medical Committee, after chiropractors had been banned from doing so in all of the years previously. That chiropractor, Dr. George Goodheart, also happened to be THE founder of Applied Kinesiology, the system of manual muscle testing-based diagnosis and treatment that I use in the office every day.
The chairman of the committee, Dr. Irving Dardik, MD, had been outspoken about his belief that chiropractors should not serve on the committee, despite many olympic athletes using chiropractic themselves.
When Dr. Dardik himself suffered from a leg cramping issue, he reluctantly sought out Dr. Goodheart for a consult. The consult, consisting of a lot of muscle testing, quickly turned into a treatment. A couple days later, Dr. Dardik called Dr. Goodheart to let him know that he had run 10 miles two different times with zero leg cramping. The problem was fixed.
Because of this experienced, Dr. Dardik asked Dr. Goodheart to be on the 1980 US Winter Olympics medical team. Since then, chiropractors have had a place on the US Olympic medical team and in the world of professional sports.
The combo of Applied Kinesiology and Chiropractic has always been on the cutting edge. Why don't more chiropractors use AK? In my opinion, it takes more time, more studying, and a special kind of passion plus hard work to be a muscle tester. I I I I I find that the AK + Chiro combo is my absolute favorite way to treat, and I wouldn't have it any other way.