Chiropractic Breaks Through as a New Type of Support for Military, Veterans
Today's post covers something close to my heart. It's about the beginnings of a breakthrough in the inclusion of chiropractic care in a very important system, and that system is our military health care system.
The American Chiropractic Association and other organizations have long championed for the inclusion of chiropractic care for active military as well as veterans, often taking their fight to Congress. They have succeeded as the VA now offers chiropractic care in numerous facilities across the country, and more are being added every year, both in VA and non-VA facilities.
The benefits of chiropractic care for those in the armed forces are vast. They include not only the treatment and support for physical injuries, some common ones of which include neck and traumatic brain injuries, ankle sprains, musculoskeletal injuries, hearing loss and tinnitus, arthritis, chronic pain and more, but also the psychological support inherently found in a chiropractic treatment as well as from the inclusion of mind-body techniques.
Today I am highlighting a respected and admired patient of mine, Robert, who is a war veteran. Robert joined the US Navy in 1987 as an Aviation Electronics Technician, which took him all over the US. He then cross-trained to a Hospital Corpsman in VA, and finally he served as a Bio-Medical Technician in Panama City, FL, working in the Navy Experimental Diving Unit.
I have been treating Rob for over 5 years now, and it's always a pleasure. We cover everything from the physical to the internal to the emotional aspects of health in our sessions!
And Robert's time serving as a bio-medical technician has benefited us ALL as you can thank him for installing the brand new motor in my chiropractic table when it completely died about a year ago!
Thank you Rob, for your service and for allowing me to be your chiropractor!