Children and Holistic Chiropractic is the Best Match!

I had the pleasure of working with this sweet little one yesterday in my office, as well as her older brother! 

Haley has been lucky to have received chiropractic care since she was a young infant as her mother knew to take her in for her first adjustments right away. Usually, our first spinal misalignments occur during the birth process, and can then go on to interfere with a number of functions in the body. 

The answer to the question, "When should I get my first chiropractic adjustment?" is- as soon as possible! I know people who have had their children adjusted within minutes of being born. These adjustment techniques are of course very gentle and may almost seem as if nothing is happening if you are watching. However, these adjustments are happening at a crucial time in one's life!

I checked Haley's entire body for structural misalignments and particularly her cranial bones for any faulty movement. I also checked her organ systems in particular her digestive system. Mom also saw a possible cavity in her mouth, and Haley recently complained of an ear ache, so we did some work with vials to address these concerns. 

Vial therapy is a commonly used, non-invasive holistic healthcare technique and can be very powerful for children and adults alike.

Vials are imprinted with the electromagnetic field of particular substances, whether it be bacteria or viruses, organs, hormones, chemicals, and more. There is often, through muscle testing, a discovery of whether certain vials are compatible or non-compatible. Physical work can be done on the body while holding vials, such as an adjustment, working a reflex point, or other, which is a powerful combination of treatment for the body.

Thanks to mom for bringing herself as well as both of her young children in for holistic healthcare treatments.