Bye Bye Bugs, Colds, Flus and More!

This is definitely something that I have heard more than a few of my patients tell me when the winter season starts wrapping up. I especially like when I hear this from patients who originally came in for more of a musculoskeletal, physical issue, but then notice less sickness as an unexpected, positive result of making holistic chiropractic treatments a regular part of their health regimen. 

This increased immune system function includes less allergy symptoms, as well as less frequent and severe colds or flus, respiratory infections, etc. 

Research in the 1990's began revealing that chiropractic adjustments increased immune cell (phagocytes, neutrophils, T and B cells, and more) in the area of adjustment and overall increase immune system function by up to 200%, particularly in the few days following an adjustment. 

Overall, regular chiropractic treatments increase nervous system and brain function by reducing interference within brain/nervous system and body signaling. This increase in nervous system function leads to greater immune system function, as the immune system is under nervous system control. 

Moral of the story- less getting sick and better overall health! 

How many of you noticed that you were sick less after starting chiropractic care? Feel free to comment below if you can identify with this awesome and sometimes surprising affect of chiropractic!