Boosting the Immune System at Synergy Chiropractic
I have done a few posts which have highlighted the positive effects of chiropractic adjustments on the immune system (in short chiropractic adjustments alone majorly BOOST immune system function!), but today I wanted to dive into what I often do during an entire session of physically working on the immune system.
In my Applied Kinesiology training, I learned that every single muscle in the body is related to a certain organ. One of the main immune system organs is the thymus gland, which releases T cells, THE cells which fight off any foreign invaders. From a young age, our thymus begins training our T cells to fight pathogens and even cancer. The muscle that is related to the thymus gland is the infraspinatus, which is one of the four rotator cuff muscles.
In Jessica's treatment this past week, I found via muscle testing that she had an inhibited aka weak right infraspinatus. So I jumped right in there! I check my patient's immune systems often to determine if they need any support during our sessions.
All in all I:
*stimulated the neuro-lympathic point for Jessica's infraspinatus muscle, which improves waste drainage from and performance of the gland
*adjusted Jessica's C5 vertebrae in her neck, which is the direct nerve supply to the infraspinatus
*adjusted L2 in Jessica's lower back, which tonifies the triple heater meridian, the acupuncture meridian that the thymus gland lies on
*checked immune system related emotions which include exhaustion, despondency, anxiety and more
*checked thymus gland and infraspinatus related nutrition which includes thymus glandular (great to take during cold/flu season), zinc, vitamin D, and more immune system nutrients
*cold-lasered the thymus gland and infraspinatus muscle to improve function
By the end of the treatment, Jessica's infraspinatus muscle was testing rock solid, and I knew her immune system was performing better.
I love that we have so many tools in the office with which to work on things! And I'm grateful to be able to support my patients health in this critical time.