Boost Your Brain with Chiropractic
Something I often tell my patients is that the chiropractic adjustment is so positively powerful for the brain and nervous system.
What do I mean by this?
We won't get into the complete neurophysiological explanation, but here's a number of reasons why getting an adjustment contributes to healthy brain and nervous system functioning:
*Spinal adjustments result in improved nerve conduction throughout the body
*Increased spinal motion where there was previously a decrease stimulates the brain more and increases brain signaling from the body, sending the brain more updated information
*Chiropractic adjustments stimulate meditative Alpha brain waves causing greater degrees of relaxation and healing
*Chiropractic adjustments stimulate the brain to form new neural connections, which improves the overall mental state, memory, and brain function
In short, receiving a chiropractic treatment is much like re-booting a computer, in this case the computer that is your body! We get the brain and body communicating better, and we remove stresses on the nervous system, particularly in the form of spinal misalignments. This is why scheduling regular chiropractic treatments are vital to maintaining a healthy, well-functioning body.
We are back in the office this Tuesday, April 26th! I can't wait to return to my patients after a few days of vacation. See you all this week!