Benefits of Bone Broth

My pre-hiking meal today was topped off with a mug of warm, yummy bone broth. Have you ever heard of the amazing nourishment that is bone broth? I have pictured a carton of it here, but it can be easily made in a crock pot with bones bought from Whole Foods, farmers markets, or elsewhere (make sure the bones are coming from healthy, free-range raised animals).

The benefits of bone broth are numerous! Just a few are:

* Reduces joint pain and inflammation
* Promotes healthy digestion
* Helps heal and seal your digestive track
* Inhibits infection and boosts the immune system
* Provides minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and more 
* Builds strong, healthy bones and teeth
* Promotes healthy hair and nail growth

I felt energized and ready for my hike after downing this bone broth. Branch out this week and try some bone broth, for the benefit of yourself and your body! And have a great weekend!