Before Drugs and Surgery...Try a Holistic Approach!

I love this quote that I recently found and wanted to share it with all of my patients.

In my opinion we need to completely change our view of medicine! Rather than rely on drugs and surgery as a first line of treatment, we should focus on strengthening the body's systems and bringing the body back into balance health-wise in a conservative and non-invasive way so that drugs are unnecessary. 

Symptoms are the body's signal that something is not right, that something is out of balance in the body.

Drugs often suppress the symptoms but do not fix the root cause. Think of drugs as "turning off the fire alarm, but the house is still burning down".

The body is an amazing machine and will heal itself if given the opportunity to do so with the right care and treatment.

One of my goals with my patients is to help in getting them off of medications that act as band-aids and often have numerous negative side effects on the body. It is so rewarding both for my patients and I, when they come in with a laundry list of prescription drugs they are taking, and it begins to get shorter and shorter!

With holistic health care, diet, and lifestyle changes, patients and their doctors find that medications and/or surgery are often no longer necessary.