Before and After Treatment Pics!

My 15 year old patient Katya (wearing some fantastic socks for us) helped take 'Before and After' pictures to help demonstrate the change in her 'dural torque' before and after her treatment last Saturday. 
Dural torque is a reflection of the amount of spine and spinal cord tension in the body. This can be caused by spinal misalignments, foot dysfunction, cranial faults, nutritional deficiencies, toxic chemicals or allergens, mental/emotional stress, and more. Since we address all of these factors in our chiropractic kinesiology sessions, we can balance the dural torque in the body, as you can see in the after picture! 
This is just one great way that I test for imbalance in the body and determine how to fix it. I then go back and re-check the dural torque, making sure I leave my patient as balanced as I can get them. This not only results in better muscle and skeletal system function and less pain, it also supports healthier nervous system and immune system function, helping your body to work better and fight off sickness!
Often times, patients can feel the difference as we turn the legs in as shown in the pictures. Before their treatment, one side will feel tighter. Afterwards, they feel free and even movement in both legs when we turn them in. 
Just another amazing tool that I learned from Applied Kinesiology!