Beautiful, Messy Healing
I've found myself sending this infographic to quite a few patients and talking of this concept to my patients for a while now which means it's time it got its own post.
This is one of the most important pearls I've learned since I began my practice. This is not a concept that is taught in school, but rather one that I is observed after being a physician in the field for a while.
I think it's so important that my patients understand that often healing, from most anything, does not happen in a straight path. Whether it's back pain to chronic fatigue to allergies to headaches to emotional trauma, you name it, there can be great strides and there can also be setbacks along the way.
This is not to say that there aren't cases of one or two sessions and voila- it's fixed! I've seen this happen. This is not to say that no one heals on a steadily forward-progressing path, which I have also seen happen. However, many people do not. Many people take a few steps forward, a step back, a couple steps forward, a step back, and you get the picture. And this is OKAY. This is more than okay.
Much like how our ailments often develop due to multiple factors over time, there are often many layers to our healing. This means we have to work through all of the layers. Working through each layer causes the body to need to adapt. It's a process. It can be messy, and that's okay. Overall, although it may be tough to see for some people at times, I always observe that the overall trajectory is towards total health and optimal function.
I hope this brings some comfort to anyone who feels like they're on the path in this infographic! It's been a good lesson for me in my 8.5 years so far of practice, and I wanted to share it with all of you.