Balance Your pH, Heal Your Body: Why Acid/Alkaline Balance is Important
At every new patient appointment, I test the oral pH of the patient with the Litmus test strips (little yellow strips of paper). This gives us an idea of the patient's acid/alkaline balance.
pH is a measure of overall acidity. Human beings do well with an overall pH of slightly alkaline (just over 7). Body pH balance is critical to good health! Imbalances can lead to osteoporosis, fatigue, weakness, joint pain, muscle aches, migraines, and much more.
pH balance can be thrown off by poor dietary habits (eating a SAD, or Standard American Diet consisting of grains, sugars, corn, dairy, etc.), dehydration, high stress, pharmaceutical drugs, tobacco, and more.
Oral pH is a good overall read of body pH. The oral pH should be slightly alkaline, about 7.2-7.4. Many are under this, in a more acidic range. Do you remember what yours was at your first visit?
To balance your pH, eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of water (the basics), decrease stress levels, get treated regularly with chiropractic kinesiology here in the office to aid in optimizing body/organ function as well as detoxifying the body, and take your nutritional supplements as revealed as necessary through muscle testing.
And finally, alkaline water is not necessary to drink if you do all of the above and drink regular normal water! Alkaline water, while the idea and intention of those who created it may be good, is not a naturally occurring form of water. Anything not naturally occurring is foreign to the body.