Babies Need Chiropractic Too!
Today I had the pleasure of treating 4 month old baby Eleanor. Eleanor has had torticollis (wry neck or 'twisted' neck) since her birth this summer. She had also suffered from chronic constipation. When she came in this morning, she had not had a bowel movement in a few days. "Tummy time" had also been one of her tougher challenges. Mom brought her in to see what I could do. A few spinal adjustments, some cranial work, intestinal valve work, reflex points, neuro-emotional technique, and pelvic blocks later- baby Eleanor was doing fantastic! Immediately following the treatment, according to mom, Eleanor had the best Tummy time Mom Dottie had ever seen. Also, as of 5pm today, Eleanor has had 4 bowel movements (see her daycare report below!). I so enjoy working with younger children and infants. We as adults often forget that following birth trauma and other stresses, babies need treatment as well. Thanks to mom Dottie for bringing Eleanor in and giving her the opportunity for better health, growth, and development through Chiropractic Applied Kinesiology. I look forward to seeing her again in a couple of weeks!