Awesome Podcast Alert: Fix Your Feet

*Awesome podcast alert! Check link below*

I listened to this podcast just yesterday. It's all about the feet, and, while we often neglect them, how they are absolutely fundamental. In fact, they are often the exact remedy for correcting musculoskeletal issues throughout the entire body, particularly in the lower extremities and hips and even in the upper body.

This podcast features Dr Philip Maffetone, sports medicine and endurance training expert, researcher, and health coach and practitioner. 

You can listen to the podcast to learn all about why the feet are so important, what the typical issues are, and how to fix them! I'll give you my takeaways in the meantime:

*The feet send critical info to the brain and system, second only to the spine in terms of sites of most nerve activity in the body

*Nothing influences the feet, and does more harm to the feet, than shoes

*While shoes are important at times for protection, we need to TAKE THEM OFF way more often. This allows the many intrinsic muscles of the feet to strengthen.

*Improve function of the feet from the inside out. Don't use shoes that overly cushion them, rather use minimalist shoes. Orthotics and supports should only be worn when the feet have already begun to deform.

*Without the restriction of shoes, your feet can begin to strengthen and return to optimal, natural function

*We are designed to go barefoot

*Have your feet assessed for muscle imbalances and misalignments (Side note: I adjust all of my patients feet on almost every visit because foot misalignments are that common. Find a DC who adjusts feet!)

*Use "barefoot time" as part of your foot treatment

*Strengthen your feet with specific exercises (a health practitioner can help with this) right down to learning how to move each toe separately

*Do specific foot stretches (again given by a health practitioner)

*Most feet problems have no diagnosis, rather only dysfunction

*Most feet issues result from musculoskeletal imbalances often due to excessive sitting, poor footwear, wearing shoes too much, postural stressors and other stressors

Check out the podcast below for more details!