At-Home Exercises for Spinal Care and Pain Relief

I have teamed up with my colleague and personal trainer Maurice Williams of Move Well Fitness to bring you five easy at-home exercises for spinal alignment and pain relief. What I have been noticing during these times is that many of my patients are coming in in increased levels of discomfort and pain due to their work-from-home situations. Less exercise plus the not-so-ergonomically-friendly at-home desk set up has resulted in an increased amount of lower back pain, upper back pain, neck pain, headaches, and more, you name it. Add to that the stress of the current times, and we have a recipe for pain on our hands. Since many of you are also unable to come in for chiropractic treatments at this time, we decided to put the care into your hands with these at-home spinal relief exercises! Do these exercises throughout the day, particularly when you are working long hours at a desk or somewhere in your home. Carry these exercise into the future as well, when you may be back in the office at a desk, working a manual labor job, bending over all day (like me) etc! These are spinal stretching, strengthening, and pain relief exercises that can benefit anyone, anywhere.