Assess Your Stress Thanks to this Questionnaire

I just sat down and took one of the most important assessments I keep around in my office- Standard Process Inc.​ Stress Assess Questionnaire. I will be very open with you all and share my results! 

I scored a 44 on the assessment this time around.  The Stress Assess not only gives you an overall window into how high your stress levels are and how it is affecting your health, but also into how you are handling the stress in your life overall. I like to take this questionnaire periodically throughout the year to check-in on my overall stress-response and well-being.  

I want to encourage all of my patients (and non-patients!) to do the same. Take 5-10 minutes to invest in yourself, evaluate yourself and discover how your stress may or may not be affecting you. More often than not, we are surprised by the results. 

Taking this questionnaire also helps me when working with my patients on their health goals.  It helps us both to know how much of a role stress is playing, and what kinds of things we need to evaluate and work on further in our treatment sessions.  

If patients have a high amount of stress in their lives, I tend to incorporate more:

*Adrenal Gland/Endocrine System Testing. I test different adrenal and endocrine related muscles such as the gracilis, sartorius, and calf muscles, the glutes, a rotator cuff muscle, and more. We may work certain reflex points and do particular adjustments to support these organs.

*Mind/Body Techniques such as Neuro-Emotional Technique, Emotional Freedom Technique aka Tapping, emotional reflex points, and more to protect the body from and help with unprocessed emotional complexes.

*Boost Parasympathetic Nervous System and Other Calming Techniques- includes all chiropractic adjustments particularly upper neck and pelvis/hips, pelvic blocking, cranio-sacral therapy, suboccipital release, and more.

*Nutritional Testing- both for foods, chemicals, or deficiencies that may be contributing to increased stress, and possible homeopathic remedies, flower essences, and/or nutritional and herbal supplements that can support a healthier stress response.

Please take the questionnaire below sometime soon (you can blow up the page by opening it in a new window), or you can always request them from me in the office! I keep them right in the treatment room. I look forward to helping all of my patients lead lives less negatively impacted by the inevitable stresses of life on planet earth!