As We Reopen, An Update from the Doc!

Hi everyone,

On May 7th, 2020, Governor Hogan lifted the restrictions on licensed health care providers to resume elective and non-urgent medical procedures.  For Synergy Chiropractic, this means that we have returned to seeing all patients who wish to come in for treatment under guidelines given to us by the Maryland Department of Health.  We were required to send our COVID-19 office protocols to the Maryland Department of Health to be allowed to continue seeing patients during these times.  These protocols include: 

*Screening all patients before visiting the office. Patients who have had cold or flu-like symptoms or been around anyone who has within two weeks, or has traveled within two weeks, will not be permitted in the office.

*Disinfecting the entire office in between patients

*Washing hands thoroughly between each patient

*No patients waiting in the waiting area.  Patients will wait outside or in their car until Dr. Amanda is ready to see him/her. 

*Hand sanitizer placed around the office

*Dr. Amanda and Janice wearing n-95 masks and Janice wearing gloves when interacting with patients

I would like to ask that all of my patients please be mindful that we need time at the end of the visit to thoroughly clean and disinfect the office.  Please also be mindful to check out and clear the office quickly so that we can minimize the number of persons in the office at all times. 

I have enjoyed seeing many of you return to the office for your holistic chiropractic appointments!  If you are wishing to schedule an appointment to come in, please also be aware that I am currently booking out about 2-3 weeks.  We do not have the flexibility to add patients to the schedule as we did before as the cleaning procedures are time-consuming.  Please plan to schedule ahead of time!

Lastly, I know these times have been trying for many of us in different ways.  I am feeling the collective consciousness right now is HEAVY. I made a commitment as a doctor of chiropractic to support my patients, especially when life is challenging, and they are in need. This is why I have remained open for the past few months, not once closing my doors for any amount of time.  I promise that I will continue to fulfill my calling to support my patients' health and well-being.

In response to the racial injustices, police brutality, protests, riots, rage, hurt, and more that we have recently witnessed, I want to be clear that I intend my office to always be a safe haven and all-inclusive space for anyone, of any age, color, gender, size, culture, religion, belief system, and type.  I commit to striving to make each and every patient feel not only accepted but actively supported in who they are. 

My favorite non-profit is One Love Foundation, an organization dedicated to educating people about healthy and unhealthy relationship behaviors, learning how to have better relationships, including with people from different communities, and all-in-all, how to love BETTER.  You'll see me wearing this shirt around the office this month to promote their message.  Check out their website here:

Thanks for reading, and see you all soon!