Another Webster Wednesday! Prenatal Chiropractic Care for Jocelyn

It was another Webster Wednesday here in the office! My patient Jocelyn is approaching her due date, almost 38 weeks to be exact, and she came in for her holistic chiropractic + Webster technique tune up. She's got another appointment next week just days before her due date as well. 

Jocelyn has chiropractic in the family and understands the importance of getting regular adjustments while pregnant. In fact, regular chiropractic care is vital to normal physiologic function in pregnancy and birth. This past March, I flew out to Vancouver, BC to become Webster certified by one of the most brilliant DC's I've ever learned from, Dr. Jeanne Ohm ICPA-International Chiropractic Pediatric Association

The benefits of prenatal chiropractic care can be summed up in this: POWER, PASSAGE, PASSENGER.

POWER is a result of appropriate nerve supply to all of the muscles, organs, and tissues of the pelvis/hips, resulting in normal muscle tone, optimal organ function, and reduced physical stress. This includes reduction of sympathetic nervous system (stress, fight or flight) and stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system (rest, heal, digest). Chiropractic adjustments eliminate nerve interference and enhance nerve supply to the entire body. 

PASSAGE refers to proper skeletal, particularly hips/pelvis, alignment which decreases tension on the lower part of the uterus and restores normal muscle tone. In this way, it may increase the likelihood of a well positioned, head down baby and decrease likelihood of the breech or other potentially problematic birth positions. 

PASSENGER refers to an excellent physiologic environment for baby in utero. This means greater space and maximal comfort for the baby, allowing he/she to assume the best possible position for birth. 

Thanks to Jocelyn for allowing me to be a part of her health care team on this incredible journey! We can't wait to meet the new arrival!