An Uplifting Patient Story in Challenging Times


A couple of weeks ago, George came in, all smiles as usual. He graciously offered to let us recap his appointment, so here it is! 

George came in to see me originally with lower back pain and instability which began after a severe injury he sustained during heavy weight lifting at the gym.

With George, as with any patient, we approach his case holistically. To show you just how holistically we approach it, I will give you a rundown of what we recently worked on!

With George, I always muscle test all muscles of his lower back, and throughout his entire body, using Applied Kinesiological muscle testing. This lets me know which muscles are neurologically inhibited, read inhibited, not weak! An inhibited muscle is a muscle which is not firing correctly. Once we restore proper function to the muscle, then the real strengthening begins, such as with a PT, trainer, in the gym, etc.

We have often ID'd muscles that have been shut off due to George's original injury, compensational patterns in his body, and more recent injuries even due to repetitive stresses, posture, workouts, etc. We always work on re-facilitating these muscles and re-aligning the spinal segments related.

This past visit, we happened to find George's lat muscles weak, related to some possible blood sugar imbalance, which could be due to a number of things including diet, stress levels, aerobic and anaerobic exercises imbalances, and more. When the lats, which are related to the pancreases and blood sugar, shut off, this destabilizes the entire back, including the lower back, as the lat insert from the shoulder joint all the way into the sacrum bone (pelvis bone). 

We adjusted George from head to toe, literally, from neck adjustments to toe adjustments. As I always say, everything is connected. We cannot simply adjust the hips and lower back, yet leave an extremity or a neck vertebrae etc. out of alignment. It will simply throw the entire body off again once we move and walk. My patients who are new to chiropractic are often surprised that I work on other areas of the body besides the area of complaint. When I explain how it is all connected, a light bulb goes off. This is true holistic, whole-body care!

Lastly, I have lately been running Neuro Emotional Technique on my patients at the end of each session. With Neuro-Emotional Technique, we help clear nervous-system weakening, unprocessed, and/or overwhelming emotional stressors. Our mental and emotional stresses are held as tension in the body. Our body copes with mental and emotional stress by storing it AS tension in the body. Even though George is a big, tough guy, he understands fully the importance of mind-body techniques in our sessions, and is always up for it. 

A huge thanks to George for being a fully on-board patient, coming in regularly to keep himself well, and for always seeing the glass half full. I am sure he is out there today brightening peoples day! 

Support yourself, support each other, and know that your chiropractor has your back (literally and figuratively). I love you all and am here for you!