An Often Overlooked Bone-The Hyoid Bone
My patient Brian was kind enough to help me demonstrate a technique from Applied Kinesiology that I check frequently with my patients, the hyoid bone! This is a very often overlooked bone in the front of the neck. I only learned about the important of this bone and how to treat hyoid dysfunction through Applied Kinesiology.
The hyoid bone is a small horseshoe shaped bone in the neck that 16 different muscles attach into. It is related to neck alignment, brain function, and even the immune system. Many patients report pain anywhere in the neck, as well as other symptoms such as hoarseness, difficulty swallowing (lump in the throat), etc. when the hyoid bone is not functioning properly.
It can be thrown off by many things including whiplash type injuries, being sick, emotional stress, and much more.
I use manual muscle testing to determine if the hyoid bone is restricted in any motions, including up and down and side to side. If so, we treat the affected small neck muscles, and then again use muscle testing to see if any chiropractic adjustments, or any type of other therapy is necessary to fix this bone.
The hyoid bone is so important to overall body function. Just another AK gem!