All Are Welcome Here

In light of recent events, I felt inspired to make this post.

There are so many wonderful reasons why I love what I do, but one of the best, most enlightening and unexpectedly enjoyable parts of my job is getting to work with all different types of people, from all different types of backgrounds, with all sorts of different jobs and life purposes, with all different types of pain and trauma, with a large range of very different beliefs. Mostly, they all come in for similar reasons- to not only feel better and improve their health and well-being, but to feel cared for, to be able to care for others, and to be happy.

This diversity is a blessing for me and my practice.
Since I have gotten to work with so many different types of people, I have learned so much. Like I said, it really is one of the best parts of my job. 

I just want to set the record straight for Synergy- all are welcome here, in a safe and all-inclusive space. 

Thank you,
Dr. Amanda