All About Your Fascial System

Dr. Mercola's emails this past week included one titled "What You Need to Know About Your Fascia"
The fascial system is one that has received a lot more attention and buzz recently in the health world. Luckily, I've learned about fascia and how to asses and treat it in my Applied Kinesiology courses. As usual, Applied Kinesiology has taken the important fascial system into account and incorporated it into the wonderful technique of AK!
The fascial system is a large sheet of connective tissue, mostly made of collagen, that lies just under the skin and surrounds individual muscles and organs. It is important for muscles and for muscle firing that fascia to be functioning properly. Sometimes, fascia can become tight or develop "trigger points" or knots in the fascia. This can happen for a number of reasons, often due to an injury or postural/repetitive stress. When fascia is not functioning correctly, it negatively affects the muscle. This means that fascia is significant to check in any case of neck or back pain.
With muscle testing, I can identify if a certain muscle needs a fascial release or, resetting. We simply quick stretch the muscle, and then retest for any weakness brought on with the stretch. If the muscle then weakens, it means that the fascia is involved and needs to be treated. I treat the fascia with a "flushing" motion over the muscle. I then retest the muscle to make sure that the fascia is corrected and the muscle is firing appropriately again. Easy! Yet so important and so overlooked. I could do chiropractic adjustments and other work all day, but if I don't check the fascial system, I could miss a huge part of my patient's pain contributors.
Check out the below free documentary on YouTube if you're interested in learning more!