All About Applied Kinesiology in One Short Video

An amazing technique called Applied Kinesiology is my main treatment modality in addition to my fundamental base of chiropractic adjusting. I couldn't imagine practicing chiropractic without Applied Kinesiology!

For those who may not be familiar with Applied Kinesiology, or AK, it is a system of diagnosis and treatment based in muscle testing that assesses structural, biochemical, and emotional factors affecting any patient and any health ailment they may present with, whether musculoskeletal, or internal. I was certified as a Professional Applied Kinesiologist in 2011 by Dr. Timothy Francis in Chicago, IL, and that day would forever change my experiences and skills as a chiropractor! 

Using Applied Kinesiology during my chiropractic sessions involves a lot of muscle testing. I have learned how to neurologically muscle test most muscles in the body, and each muscle is related to certain areas of the spine, as well as certain organs, reflex points, emotions, nutrition, and more. AK incorporates various different treatment techniques as well, including chiropractic adjusting, reflex point stimulation, cranial sacral therapy, acupuncture meridian balancing, organ system work, mind-body techniques, nutritional deficiency and sensitivity testing, and more. 

Below is one of the best videos I've found that explains and demonstrates Applied Kinesiology in a nutshell! Thanks to my colleague Dr. Robert Morrison for publishing this awesome video for the world to see.