Adjusting Whole Body- Right Down to the Feet!

It was great to see patient Tom this past Saturday for his second visit to the office. Tom came in with left shoulder, left hip, left knee, and left ankle pain. After just one treatment, the hip, knee, and ankle pain are gone, and the shoulder is better. 
Below are pictures of me muscle testing Tom's shoulder. I always muscle test before I treat so that I know exactly what I need to work on! Muscle testing lets me know exactly what is going on in the body.

I have also included a picture of me adjusting Tom's knee. Many people don't know that not only do I adjust the spine, but I adjust the extremities (shoulders, knees, wrists, feet, etc) as well! I had to look outside of my chiropractic school's curriculum to learn how to adjust the extremities. I mostly learned how to do this in post-grad seminars and from my mentor Dr. Tim Francis. Aligning the extremities is very important to overall function. Most of the acupuncture meridians also run through the arms and legs, so misalignments in the extremities can block meridian energy flow.

Imagine if a bone is out in the foot- as soon as the patient gets up from the treatment table to walk out, that one misalignment in the foot can throw everything above it off. It is important to check all parts of the spine, including shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, and feet!