Adjusting the Spine, and Adjusting Organs!

Did you know that besides adjusting restricted spinal and extremity joints in the body, I also have learned how to literally adjust the body's internal organs if they have become displaced?

I learned this gentle technique of manipulating the body's internal organs, called Visceral Manipulation, in my Total Body Modification courses. 

Total Body Modification is another healing system that I have learned in addition to chiropractic, Applied Kinesiology, NET, and other techniques that I use. TBM works to "re-boot" the body's own computer systems, positively affecting the nervous system, skeletal system, and other systems mainly through use of the activator to stimulate certain nerves exiting the spine.

Sometimes, the body's organs can become displaced or develop tissue adhesions, which can interfere with organ function and cause symptoms of distress of that organ. For example, people often experience acid reflux when the stomach becomes displaced up through the diaphragm. Through visceral manipulation, the stomach can be repositioned and the reflux stopped.

Visceral manipulation uses soft manual forces to normalize mobility and function of the organs and their connective tissues.

This technique has also been very helpful in some patients of mine who have experienced scar tissue formation after surgery or a major injury.

I am so grateful to have Visceral Manipulation as another one of the tools in my tool belt for my patients!