ADHD in USA: Over diagnosed and Under treated

I just read an interesting article on the Psychology Today website about why only 0.5% of school-aged French children are diagnosed with ADHD compared to 9% in the United States. It isn't that French children are that much different biologically/genetically then those in the USA, but has to do with how doctors look at a child's health holistically. Factors like structured family dynamics, designated meal times (not letting kids snack whenever they want), and environmental/food triggers of behavior problems are all investigated instead of just assuming the child has a biochemical imbalance in their brain. They often discover a controllable cause of "ADHD like symptoms" instead of assuming ever child with these symptoms has ADHD.

No child has a Ritalin or Adderall deficiency, but their behavioral issues could stem from a mineral/vitamin deficiency. Specifically minerals like calcium and Magnesium (calming effect on the body) could be helpful. These two minerals need to be balanced and normally the issue is enough the body gets enough calcium, but isn't getting the right about of magnesium to balance. Magnesium is used to treat anxiety, headaches, and other sorts of ailments. Another mineral that is very commonly deficient is Zinc.  Zinc is a mood stabilizer that helps with cellular function and division. It is also very involved in immune system strength and is considered a calming neurotransmitter of its own. Other micronutrients like manganese, inositol, and chromium are great to help stablize blood sugar levels, which can also be a cause of hyperactive behavior. 

The foods themselves can be a problem with children as well as adults. Processed foods, especially the grains, break down into sugar very quickly, which causes your blood sugar to rise rapidly. This causes a corresponding hyperactivity in the behavior of the person followed by a crash in energy when the body brings the blood sugar levels crashing down.

Research has shown that certain food additives have either a direct connection or a likely cause hyperactivity espeically in children. The following are a few examples: MSG (monosodiumglutamate), aspartame, sodium benzoate, food colorings (see reference #2 for more complete list of all colorings involved), aluminum (preservative found in vaccines and foods), titaniium dioxide, sodium nitrates (preservatives found in deli meats), synthetic antioxidants, ext.

Properly investigating all environmental causes (food additives, family life, structured meal time) as well as correcting imbalances of the nervous system and nutritional deficiency via chiropractic manipulation and supplementation is where you should start when treating a child that is thought to have symptoms of "ADHD".



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