Adding the Scalar Wave Laser To My Practice!

Christmas has come early at the office! I really couldn't wait any longer to add this incredible, advanced new healing device to the practice. I now own a Scalar Wave Laser, a revolutionary cold laser unit, as a part of my healing toolkit.

I have had my eye on this laser for quite a while now, as several of my chiropractic colleagues use it in their practice with much success.

The Scalar Wave Laser is a high-quality medical laser, featuring red, infra-red, and violet light wavelengths in a high powered beam to help with: pain relief throughout the entire body, muscle relaxation, stress relief and adrenal gland unwinding, circulation and skin rejuvenation, cellular regeneration, increased cellular energy, balancing of physical and energetic systems, acupuncture therapy, trigger point therapy, and more.

The laser has 10 main programs which each provide different protocols. These different protocols aim to reduce stress and tension of all kinds, shift cells, organs, chakras, and all other energy systems back into balance, provide pain relief, help with injuries and cellular regeneration, activate the lymph system, soothe and bring the entire body into unity and coherence. I can also customize the laser to different frequencies, times, etc. depending on the patient's needs.

Today, I put the laser to use. My patient Tamisha was kindly willing to share her experience with the laser today! Tamisha sprained her ankle 3 months ago. With just one treatment in the office a couple of weeks afterwards, Tamisha's ankle was vastly improved. She reported about 80-90% improvement after we used muscle testing to identify the strain-sprained muscle, activated that muscle again, did some adjustments related to the injury, cleared emotions associated with the injury, and more. 

Tamisha has continued, however, to feel a slight "twinge" in her ankle at times and with certain movements. I have done a lot of great manual work on her ankle, but decided to use the laser as the injury was proving somewhat persistent. Using muscle testing, I found that we needed to run the Unwind program over her ankle. This program dissolves contracted cellular memory and helps return all cells and tissues to a healthy state. It allows the body to rebuild and regenerate after an injury. Tamisha reported immediate relief after running this protocol. 

I am so grateful and beyond excited to have yet another fantastic, powerful healing tool in my tool belt. I always seek to learn new ways of helping my patients to reach their ultimate health! I look forward to using the laser more in the office in the days and years to come. 

A special thanks to talented and awesome practitioner Dr. James Huang DC for guiding me to and through getting my very first laser!