A Weekend on the Farm with Standard Process
Last week, I had a fantastic time visiting Standard Process Inc farm and facilities in Palmyra, WI and attending two days of seminars with SP. I wanted to share some photos and info from my amazing time there!
Standard Process has been making organic whole-food based supplements that deliver nutrients as nature intended (as food!) since 1929. They grow the majority of the whole foods for their supplements on a state-of-the-art organic farm, which I had the pleasure of visiting. Their products are available to patients exclusively through health care providers, because the company believes that informed guidance through a health care professional is vital to a patients health journey.
I truly believe that Standard Process is, as my mentor says "the gold standard" in nutritional supplements. I believe my patients benefit from taking these supplements that provide nutrients that we simply no longer get from our food. Improper nutrition is a huge factor in any health condition, including any kind of pain, any disease, etc.
I was so impressed by Standard Process' passion and commitment to producing not only safe supplements as nature intended, but also to delivering extremely high quality supplements. Take a look at some of my pictures from my time spent with them, and a big thank you to Standard Process for hosting us doctors last week!