A TMJ Success Story!

We have another great success story here at the office! My patient D. has been kind enough to share her story and photos here! 

"From birth, my bottom jaw has protruded beyond my upper jaw. My dentist of 30 plus years indicated that it would be a lengthy and costly procedure to move it forward and realign the jaw. I refused this treatment. After Dr. Thompson briefly massaged some of the jaw muscles, manipulated my spine, and gave me a holistic chiropractic treatment, my lower jaw naturally moved forward. It has remained realigned that way since our first few treatments. My dentist is absolutely amazed, and asked for Dr. Thompson's cards."-D.

One of the most valuable things I learned through my Applied Kinesiology courses is how to address TMJ issues. The TMJ (jaw) joint is so important, it makes up almost half of the motor and sensory nerve input to the brain. 

With my AK training, I use muscle testing to asses the TMJ and determine what is causing the symptoms, whether it's pain, clicking and popping, misalignment of the bite, headaches, neck pain, or other symptoms. Causes of TMJ problems can vary far and wide, and include spinal misalignment anywhere in the body, especially in the neck and pelvis, neck and jaw muscle imbalances, food sensitivities, stress/nervous system imbalance causing clenching/grinding, gut disturbances, and more.

After we've found all of the contributing factors, we address them during our treatment whether with spinal adjustments, muscle work, mind-body techniques, organ system work, and more. 

I am so happy that I took my Applied Kinesiology courses to learn more about treating the TMJ in my patients. I look forward to helping more people who may have similar issues to D.!