A Relaxing and Spine-Relieving Stretch to Add to Your 2017 Health Routine
I wanted to show all of my patients one of my favorite stretches/poses to release the spine as well as the postural and stress-related tension that we tend to develop throughout the day. This would be a great new stretch to incorporate into your 2017 routine to better your health!
I personally like to do this pose in the evening after a long day at work, when perhaps you have been rounded forward, sitting, leaning over or looking down all day. You need a foam roller or a rolled up towel to do this pose. Sit on the foam roller or towel with your butt at the end, and lay down on it so that your spine lies along the roller. Your head should be on the other end of the roller. Let your arms fall out to the sides in a T shape.
This stretch/pose releases the commonly tight pec muscles, opens up lymph (waste) drainage flow which must be able to flow in this area of the body, opens up the heart chakra, relaxes and stretches the front neck muscles, and relieves stress off the general spine. It also helps to activate the back muscles which are often inhibited. Keep your abs/core braced to also activate these important spine-stabilizing muscles.
Lay in this position for 5-10 minutes in quiet or meditation to really reap the benefits of this relieving pose. You will notice an immediate feeling of relaxation, especially after a long, stressful day at work.
Just another health tip for a healthy new year!