A Hidden Culprit in the Neck: Hidden Cervical Disc Technique

This week my patient Paula is helping me demonstrate a technique from Applied Kinesiology that helped her greatly when she first came in to see me with shoulder pain.

This technique is called Hidden Cervical Disc, and I learned it though my Applied Kinesiology certification course. 

Dr. George Goodheart, founder of Applied Kinesiology, postulated that radicular, or traveling, symptoms, such as pain in the neck, shoulder joint, and then down the arm, forearm, and possibly into the hand, can be caused by laxity in the intervertebral disc fibers. In other words, the intervertebral discs get weak and allow a minor disc bulge to occur. This is not considered a true disc herniation, which may be diagnosed with exam or imaging, but rather a weakened disc that causes issues from the neck traveling down into the arm. 

There are a few special muscles and muscle tests that relate to a hidden cervical disc, such as weakness of the triceps and wrist muscles, that I check for with any patient who in particular complains of neck, shoulder, elbow, or wrist pain. If I do find a hidden cervical disc, I was taught how to adjust it with a very specific chiropractic adjustment specifically meant for this type of misalignment. 

This technique is just one of many from Applied Kinesiology that has been SO helpful in my treatments with my patients. With Paula, we were able to resolve her right shoulder pain in only a couple of visits. Fixing her hidden cervical disc was a large part of this. She no longer complains of any shoulder pain and hasn't in quite a long time! Thanks to Paula for helping me demonstrate how not only chiropractic but my awesome tool of Applied Kinesiology muscle testing along with it can be so valuable!