A Healthy Snack Recipe from my Patient April

Today, Sunday, I decided to finally try out a recipe that one of my awesome patients, April, sent me a while back. 

With how busy things can be (and they've been busy here at the office for me!) we need good healthy snacks throughout the day. Avoiding problematic foods like wheat, dairy, corn, soy, and sugar, causes many people to ask "What can I eat then?" Well, here's a great recipe I will share with you! I call them Paleo Bars (or balls), and they are absolutely delicious. They are contain protein and healthy fats, and they are also super easy and quick to make.

My patient April has taken the time to discover new ways for her and her family to eat healthy. She is committed to being an example of health for her kids, and she is dedicated to making her family's diet a big part of that. She has two young children that do not eat any wheat, corn, dairy, soy, or sugar as well. She says they love these snacks. 

Try them out for yourselves! We hope you like them, and, thank you, April!

FYI- I substituted the pea protein with Standard Process' SP Complete Dairy Free powder. You can also reduce the honey for less sugar, and add something else that will give it some softness, like nut milk. You also want to be sure that you do not have any certain nut sensitivities when making these (I can muscle testing you for any sensitivities, so just ask me smile emoticon