A Competitive Gymnast Visits Dr. Amanda for Some Holistic Chiropractic Care

This past week, I had the joy of seeing Micaela in my office for the second time. Micaela is a competitive gymnast who practices 24 hours a week on top of school, and is the Maryland state vaulting champ (congrats Micaela!). 

Last November, Micaela began experiencing pain and numbness down one of her legs. Unsure of what to do, her mother contacted me. I explained that trying a conservative method of care first seemed appropriate and she brought her in. 

Micaela had never been adjusted before, and we gave her a full body holistic chiropractic treatment. We did muscle testing, muscle therapy, chiropractic adjustments, worked reflex points, and more. One of the major discoveries we made was that Micaela's SI joint was out of alignment, likely contributing to her pain and numbness. 

With just one treatment, Micaela's pain and numbness completely resolved. She has not had the problem recur since. 

Her mother said that in the past few weeks, Micaela has been vaulting more and began to notice some ankle pain. Knowing her body and knowing it was time for another visit, Micaela asked her mother if she could come in for another treatment. 

Once again, we gave Micaela the full treatment. I explained that the body is intricately connected and that we could fix up her feet, but if we didn't fix up the entire body, structurally, biochemically, and mentally/emotionally, the issues wouldn't be fully addressed.

Thanks Micaela for sharing your story with all of us, and keep on rocking!