A Chiropractor and a Personal Trainer Collab
Meet my talented, knowledgeable, kind, and down-to-earth patient, colleague, and friend Maurice Williams at Move Well Fitness!
Maurice and I have been working together for a couple of years now. This past week, he came in for his holistic chiropractic tune up. We have been working on his diaphragm and ribcage function as well as some longer-term ankle issues.
The diaphragm is a muscle that I check at almost every visit with every patient. Not only is the diaphragm an integral part of breathing, it is also an important core muscle, helps to keep the contents of the stomach in the stomach and prevent reflux, and is a main mover of chi (energy) in the body.
There are four main muscles that stabilize the ankle joint. Maurice had one of four of them not firing properly aka not turned on at all! We did some muscle activation techniques, chiropractic adjustments, reflex point work,, mind-body work and more to address the ankle muscle weakness.
Thanks to Maurice for sharing our work.
Lastly, Maurice is an incredibly talented personal trainer. I can tell you from working with him personally that he has a talent for identifying mechanical problems very specifically. In my experience as well as from what I have been taught by those in my own chiropractic field, specificity is KEY in healing the body. Maurice has a lot of tools in his toolbox. He knows many different exercises, stretches, and more to help his clients. I believe that, after we have gotten the muscles properly firing in my office, he is especially able to truly strengthen them with his work.
Here is more about Move Well Fitness:
"Move Well Fitness is a private fitness studio located in the Palisades neighborhood of NW DC. We work with women between the ages of 35-50 who want to lose weight and fit into their clothes once and for all so that they can live with the confidence they deserve. We do this in an intimate environment where the fitness sessions are either private or semi private in 30 min only sessions."
Check out more at www.movewellfit.com
Thanks for reading and I hope everyone is refreshed after the holiday weekend!