A Chiropractic Family Affair

My patients Adam and Serena both paid me a visit yesterday, and we made it a chiropractic family affair! 

Adam comes in for holistic chiropractic treatments every few weeks because he travels weekly for his job. This means he is on flights every week. As Adam knows, travel, particularly flying, while it can be enjoyable, is stressful on the body in different ways. Flying also tends to dehydrate the body, leaving us prone to health issues such as headaches, fatigue, spinal misalignments, and more.

Thanks to Adam for being proactive with his health, and for also bringing in his 3 year old daughter Serena for her tune up! There is no age too young to begin chiropractic. In fact, the sooner the better. We have supported Serena's nervous system and musculoskeletal system during some of the most important years of her life! During the first 6 years of life, we hit important neurological milestones. Chiropractic care aids in optimal development. 

Thanks to Adam and Serena, and we look forward to seeing you next time!