A Body-Based Cancer Care

I have been treating my wonderful patient Marcia for almost 3 years now. Last year, Marcia was diagnosed with breast cancer, from which we are happy to say she has now fully recovered! While receiving conventional cancer treatment, Marcia also, without fail, came in bi-weekly to support her body while undergoing cancer treatment. She rarely missed her bi-weekly appointment and was dedicated to getting well. She also took supplements and homeopathy as recommended in the office to further support her body's systems.

Chiropractic kinesiology treatments enhance optimal function of the body's nervous system, the master commander system of the body! Adjustments and kinesiology also boost the body's immune system. It is not uncommon for patients to state that they notice getting sick much less after beginning chiropractic care. Also, treatments in the office can help to reduce side effects and/or physical pain due to treatments like chemotherapy and radiation, and boy did Marcia bounce back quickly!

Thanks to patient Marcia for putting your trust and faith in Dr. Amanda and Synergy Chiropractic! And CONGRATULATIONS on now being cancer-free!